Witzenmann Sverige

As an integrated member of the Witzenmann group we are able to locally fabricate and deliver innovative, high quality and cost effective engineered solutions. Our customers have access to the extensive know how and development capabilities of specialist engineers and market focused teams who have gained unrivalled experience during our many years as a leading manufacturer of flexible elements.

Witzenmann Sverige AB has its strength in solving problems, technical know-how and quick safe deliveries. We are certified according ISO 9001 and keep all required licenses and EN-approved welding procedures to fulfill a wide range of EU-demands on welding, tightness testing and product safety.

The competence and skills of our employees are continually developed using our groups worldwide Witzenmann Qualification Programme. This enables our local employees to participate in both internal & external training sessions helping us to ensure that each and every customer is able to benefit from the latest innovations & developments.



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Witzenmann Sverige

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